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L’epouse perverse

L'epouse perverse (1980)

Cast : Anna Veruska, Elisabeth Bure, Elodie Delage, Laura Clair, Frederic Lafaye, Jean-Pierre Armand

Anna Veruska plays a kidnapper
Elisabeth Bure plays the maid
Elodie Delage plays a kidnapper
Laura Clair plays the wife
Frederic Lafaye plays the kidnapper
Jean-Pierre Armand plays the private detective

The wife of the manager of a company hires a private detective to find her husband. The detective proceeds by "trying" the wife first. Then they discover the place where the victim is kept. They discover that all three kidnappers and the victim have become intimately acquainted despite Marcel (a funny gangster) who keeps on falling all the time or getting knocked off. Both private and wife discover the fun side of the place and both spouses eventually and willingly sign the one-million franc cheque for the ransom.