Original Theatrical Trailer for Cecil Howard’s Star Angel

Original Theatrical Trailer for Cecil Howard's Star Angel. This is the original THEATRICAL TRAILER for the 1986 film Star Angel from award winning director Cecil Howard.. Cecil Howard's Star Angel, like all of his films, is a richly textured story with multi-faceted characters. Mr. Howard refers to it as "the most daring film I ever made" while an AVN review of the time said "[Star Angel] is a real film, with sex, definitely not just another adult feature.". Cecil Howard has a rare talent for bringing out the most riveting dramatic and sexual performances from the top performers of the day. Star Angel garnered Cecil Howard the 1987 AVN award for Best Director. It was his third Best Director award in 4 years.. Lola (Tigr), hot queen of rock'n'roll, is into sex. Her husband/manager Luke (Jerry Butler) has put her act together but she can't handle success. In a fit of despair, desperation and rage, Luke feeds Lola pills and whiskey inducing Lola to overdose.. Five years later, Luke is a successful rock promoter but he is constantly haunted by his past with Lola. Only his red haired lover Kate (Colleen Brennan) and his chauffeur Mario (Ron Jeremy) know that something is wrong with Luke. Kate is desperately in love with Luke in spite of his nightmares and questionable past. But, her devotion is tested when Luke brings home a deliciously lovely hitchhiker named Terry. What Terry and Kate don't know is that Luke sees a terrifying vision of Lola in Terry's smile. Luke believes that Terry is possessed by the ghost of Lola.. Terry is a vamp seducing Kate easily while Luke but also keeping her eye on Luke. Luke announces plans for a party. That evening, Luke goes into a dreamlike state where he sees his party guests all having sex with an insatiable Lola. Hot with horror, Luke takes Terry to his room where Terry and Lola merge into one being during a shocking and scoldingly erotic sequence which brings the film to its stunning conclusion.. Penthouse Pet Angel, Colleen Brennan and Taija Rae all give career defining performances in this emotionally charged tale of love, possession and betrayal..