Seduction of Innocence: Ashley’s New Stepmother

Seduction of Innocence: Ashley's New Stepmother. Based on a real diary shared with Bob.... Ashley's on words describe what really happened. When daddy's away, Ashley can play with her new mommy.. Ashley knew the moment she saw Veronica that there were sparks between them. She describes in detail her thoughts and feelings as she was seduced by her new stepmother. It was all like a dream... a ... a moment in life that crosses over into the surreal. There were innocent kisses that linger just a bit longer than expected. There was a lotion rub that turns into a dizzying and erotic thrill. And finally there was all the resistance fading away and true passion taking over, as these women melted into each other's hearts and bodies. The experience of a worldly sophisticated woman meets the innocence and wide eyed trust of a young girl whose passions flare for the first time. The erotic power of this film is palpable and real. This is exactly the way it happened!.