Sting…On The Ass!

Sting...On The Ass!. Sometimes a girl does what she has to do to make a living,...and sometimes the law gets in the way. In this situation a young woman makes her way to a hotel room hoping to make some extra cash, turns out though the man she is meeting is a cop!. She knows she's in for trouble once he reveals himself so she decides to take any punishment that he sees fit to avoid jail,....including corporal punishment. Her young buns quickly turn red and sore as the mean cop uses a leather tawse on her bottom and then a short leather paddle. She really starts to learn her lesson when the cop pulls off the leather belt that he wears to work each and every day to whip her bared buns.. To make the situation worse for her, another cop is brought in and the two officers each use a police belt to double strap her exposed buns. To finish things off she has her bottom lotioned and rubbed by the cop who now is feeling some remorse for the girl and she even gets some corner time as well..