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Mistress Irony Has Her Way

Mistress Irony Has Her Way. It's a Good Day for a Hard Flogging: Mistresses Irony is in the mood to play, play with her perfect and perpetually obedient submissive. Ava is not new to this and loves the attention heaped upon her by her Mistress. She loves the feeling, the filling up of her pussy, the teasing....just the thought of it makes her ache for release and release she does.. Close-up & Personal: It's time for my close-up! Cheri loves to be exposed to her Mistress. She loves the feeling of being vulnerable. Mistress loves the fact that she can do whatever she wishes to her lovely submissive and not have to struggle to reach and tease that perfect spot. The end result a very hot and wet Cheri who is begging to cum.. The Doctor is In, Again: Well, as we had anticipated Sicilia, enjoyed her visit to the Doctor so much, she is back for another visit. After the surprise of seeing her again, so soon, the Doctor was more than happy to explore new areas with her, oh so willing patient. This time Doctor wants to see just how much can fit into all of slaves orifices, all at the same time. Machines, fingers, dildos, the list goes on and at the end of the day, Sicilia was such a model patient, that Doctor has a very special treat for her.. Reality Bites Me: We think Ava secretly loves being punished by Mistress Irony. In fact it's starting to appear as if Ava might be disobeying Mistress just to be the center of attention. To have her Mistress play with her body, touch it, control it, punish it and ultimately make her cum.. Loaded Dice: Step into the past with us and take a peek into the warped world of Betty and her neighbor. A perfect idealistic place. A place where the women have perfect hair, perfect clothes and perfect manners. All of which are held in the highest regard. A simpler time, where the men worked and the women stayed home and played "games"...Naughty games. So how far will these ladies go? Step into our world of perversion and find out for yourself..