Sex Slave Cheri

Sex Slave Cheri. Loving Your Cock. Eric X has restrained the submissive Cheri while he teases her; he knows perfectly all the things she loves! She begs to be allowed to cum, but Eric tells her no before allowing her to do it herself. Releasing her from her binds, he tries to distract her from her goal to no avail. Instead all he accomplishes is to bring her to multiple squirting orgasms. Eric believes that joy should always be spread around and Cheri is more than happy to oblige!. Room With a View. And what a view it is... With Cheri's ass high in the air, her delectable pussy is all your eye is drawn too. She wiggles it seductively under the manipulations of Mistress Irony, looking for relief. In fact Cheri wants to cum so badly, that Irony takes out the fucking machine. As first she teases her with the machine going ever so slowly, cropping her, playing with her body, making her beg for more.. Cheri Goes All the Way. Cheri has proven in the past to be a favorite submissive, and in this week's installment she doesn't disappoint. Strapped to a rack with her pussy exposed Cheri lies in wait for what is sure to be an experience she will never forget. Jonny begins with some heavy impact play, he then moves on to some hot wax then gets down and dirty and vigorously finger fucks Cheri until she cums hard. Her willingness to please makes Cheri one of our most desirable subs.. Skull and Crossbones. Eric X loves surprises and this one was one of his favorite. Eric was delighted when he found his favorite submissive restrained in his dungeon, waiting for him, eagerly waiting for him. How he loved her tight body, the way the flogger bounced off her ass, and how much Cheri loved it! He knows just what to do to make her dripping wet and begging for sexual release.. For Love of Technology. Cheri wants to spice up her marriage by dabbling in BDSM and her husband wants to watch his wife suck cock. So how can this get accomplished? Cheri has the perfect solution. Thanks to modern technology, Cheri's husband can watch everything that is happening to his wife from the comfort of his home on his tablet. What Cheri's husband does not realize is that there are some unexpected consequences from making their fantasies into reality..

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Duration: 1 hrs. 1 mins.

Released Date: Oct 10, 2010


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